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Twin Falls Mold Removal

Mold Remediation to Keep Your Home Safe & Healthy

There are many places in a home or business where mold can grow. Some of the signs that it is growing include a musty odor or visible stains on walls and ceilings. Unfortunately, mold is often present before any signs are evident.

This difficulty involved in detecting mold is one of the most dangerous aspects of mold exposure. It's very possible to spend years living in an unhealthy environment, never realizing that one's home or business is making them sick. It is common for leaks and mold to go unnoticed for long periods of time, even years.

Call our Twin Falls mold removal company any time of day at (208) 215-7607.

What is Mold?

Simply put, mold is a fungus that is made up of microscopic organisms that can grow just about anywhere. While most people think of mold as green, it actually can be all sorts of colors, such as black, orange, or purple. Out in nature, mold plays a vital role in the ecosystem as a decomposer of organic matter like bark, plants, or dead animals. It’s when mold is growing indoors that it’s a problem.

In very small amounts, mold can be harmless. You more likely than not interact with trace amounts of mold spores every day if you spend time outside. Indoor mold can be problematic when it’s growing and proliferating its spores into the air at an unusually high rate. This hazard could lead to your experiencing health problems such as nasal congestion, wheezing, throat inflammation, or rashes on the skin. Those that are allergic to mold might experience worse symptoms. If you’re ever feeling such symptoms, feel free to give us a call, we’ll inspect for mold anywhere, free of charge.

What Causes Mold Growth?

Mold can grow almost anywhere. It can originate from sudden water releases, like a burst pipe or large spill that goes untreated, or from a chronic condition, such as a leaking roof or plumbing.

Some common property problems that can lead to mold growth include:

  • Shower and bathtub leaks beneath tile
  • An improperly maintained furnace or air conditioning
  • Poor indoor ventilation
  • Using a dryer that is not hooked up to a vent
  • Plumbing leaks under a sink or in a laundry room
  • Water seeping into a crawl space from an outdoor hose or sprinkler system
  • Roof leaks due to weather damage or old age
  • Clogged gutters or downspouts

There are also weather effects that can cause mold. When indoor air is warmer than outdoor air, moisture can collect on cold surfaces like single pane windows, non-insulated walls, pipes, and roofs. This kind of moisture collection will often enhance mold growth.

The Dangers of Mold

Mold, particularly black mold, can be toxic, creating various health hazards including difficulty breathing, upper respiratory infections, and other problems. Once the mold begins to grow, it can spread to your furniture, walls, carpets, and other interior surfaces. In some cases, mold can destroy sheetrock, paint, and damage the structure of your home or business if it is not removed.

Our Twin Falls mold removal services include:

  • Free mold inspection and testing
  • Removal of sewage or any standing water (with the help of local plumbers)
  • Containment of the area to keep the house livable and safe
  • Surface and airborne mold removal
  • Re-establishment of a healthy indoor environment for occupants
  • Decontamination and odor removal

3 Misconceptions about Mold Removal

  • Mold inspection fees are necessary. If a company is trying to charge you for mold inspection fees, you should probably stay away. All types of mold must be removed so it’s a waste of money.

  • Mold removal can be really cheap with the right company. If a price is too low, that company might not be a great fit as running a legitimate mold removal enterprise is a pricey endeavor. This is due to the high costs of equipment, liability, and workers' comp.

  • Mold remediation removes 100% of mold. Anyone who guarantees that they’ll remove every last microbe of mold is lying to you. Our mold remediation service will remove as much mold as possible, the difference is that we here at Magic Valley Restoration & Construction will never lie to you.

DIY Mold Remediation

You don’t always need to hire a mold professional to get rid of a little bit of mold in your bathroom. If you consider yourself relatively handy, feel free to grab your gloves, mask, a soft brush, and over the counter mold cleaner. These tools shouldn’t come out to be more than $10.

Make sure the doors to the rest of your house are closed. If it’s a big infestation, you might want to consider sealing the cracks of the door with plastic sheeting and duct tape. Cover all air ducts in the room with plastic and tape. Open any and all windows that are pointing to the outdoors.

Mix 1 quart of water with a half cup of the mold cleaner, or 1 part mold cleaner to 8 parts water, and scrub the mold until all visible signs of the growth disappear. After scrubbing, don’t rinse, but let the mold cleaner do its work and dry on the infected area.

Can Mold Grow Back After Removal?

Yes, mold can grow back after removal if your affected area is still moist and lacking proper ventilation.

To ensure that mold doesn’t grow back after removal, set up a dehumidifier and make sure that your affected area is getting proper ventilation to the outdoors.

From Mold Inspection to Removal

We understand the inconvenience and emotional stress after property damage happens. Whether you have black mold in your Idaho home or some kind of commercial damage, we will work very closely with you, the insurance adjuster, and/or agent to make sure the claims process is as smooth as possible. We evaluate the damages and provide you and your insurance company with an estimate for the mold damage repairs needed.

Magic Valley Restoration & Construction is available 24/7! Contact us at (208) 215-7607 for reliable mold remediation in Twin Falls or other cities in Idaho.

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    “I highly recommend Magic Valley Restoration , they work great with Farm Bureau Insurance . Great communication , they keep you updated on every step of the repair process. I was amazed how quickly they responded , and how fast the job was done . When I heard they were going to do the drywall in one day I was skeptical . I just figured oh well I can redo it . I didn't need to, I do auto restoration and am used to looking and feeling when things are straight and correct . If you are shopping for some one to help you out STOP looking and give them a call.”

    B McClure

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