Disinfection Tips from the Pros


It’s probably no surprise to hear that we have been quite busy over the past year with professional disinfections. With all of that experience, we’ve learned a lot. As policies change with the vaccine implementation, we need to continue to be smart and disinfect the spaces where we live and work. In this blog, we’ll explain some of the tips and techniques we have learned during the current health crisis and how you can implement them so that your home or workplace is safe and clean.


The first rule when it comes to disinfection is to achieve full coverage. It only takes a small amount of a virus for it to be transmitted, as we all know. This is why it’s vital to cover as much surface as possible. Now, that doesn’t just mean spraying disinfectant everywhere. You must prepare the surface for disinfection first.

Start by clearing off any dirt or grime that is on the surface before you apply any product to it. Anything that covers the surface will prevent the disinfectant from applying, so make sure you’ve dusted and removed any debris before you get started. After that, it’s important to keep track of the areas you have covered. We like to start in a corner. Typically, we use nozzles that spray wide so that we get complete coverage. Using labels is another way to ensure that you disinfect everything and don’t do double work.

Why You Might Consider a Professional Sanitization

We all understand, now more than ever, the importance of clean and sanitized spaces. Many of us don’t have the time or the right products to do wide-scale disinfections, especially if you need to do so on a regular basis, such as for your place of business. If that’s your situation, it might be worthwhile to schedule our regular sanitizations.

Our pros are trained to use the best and safest products and implement them effectively. We can work around your schedule and make sure your space is clean and your employees don’t have to worry about being in a safe environment. While local and national policies change as the vaccine rollout continues, it’s important to continue to vigilantly protect ourselves from any further outbreaks. Just give us a call and we’d love to help!

Simple Disinfection Tips

If you end up relying on yourself to lead your disinfection process, then we want to give you a few more tips before we go. Remember that product matters. There are so many disinfectant products out there. Many have their problems and may not be the safest out there. Take a look at the CDC recommendations for which products to use. They have a helpful list which you can take a look at here.

Our other main tip is to try to disinfect your entire home at once. As we mentioned earlier, you only need a small amount of the virus to cause transmission. If you can give yourself a fresh, blank slate, you can set up for long-term success. From there, you can focus on the most touched areas of your home. Areas like faucets, doorknobs, and electronics are spots that you should make sure to disinfect and keep clean. You’ll want to cover these areas as often as you can!

The pros at Magic Valley Restoration can fix your home after fire or water damage. Additionally, we understand the importance of sanitization and have the experience to get that job done as well. Just visit our website and fill out a contact form or call us at (208) 215-7607. Our technicians are trained in cleanliness and take the utmost care and caution when helping your home.