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At Magic Valley Restoration & Construction, we understand how you want to protect your biggest investment: your home. That’s why we only work with qualified IICRC/EPA-certified technicians who go a step further than helping restore your home back to its pre-disaster state. Our technicians are courteous and respectful, and treat your home with the utmost care in what is an overwhelming time. We even work with your home insurance company to recover the funds you need to get your home looking as good as new again. Whether your home has fire damage, mold, or water damage, our team can help get your Sun Valley home back to normal as soon as possible.

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How Long Does Water Damage Restoration Take to Complete?

The amount of time required for water damage restoration depends on how long it takes for the affected material to dry up. A safe bet is about 72 hours on average for 1 room to dry out and be ready for reconstruction followed by 1-2 weeks for the water damage repairs.

Keep in mind that if your house or building was built prior to 1985, then asbestos testing is needed before any walls are removed for drying. After testing, results take around 24-48 hours to receive. If results are negative, then your Sun Valley water damage restoration company can begin the drying process immediately.

However, if the test results are positive, then an abetment company – which is licensed to remove asbestos – must be referred in to finish the drying process. Once the water damaged property is adequately dried, your water damage restoration company can start repair work.

Below are several factors that affect the restoration timeline.

  • The amount of water that leaked or came into contact with your home or business
  • How long the water was in contact with the property
  • How much time passed before intervening and stopping the leak
  • Whether or not the water was contaminated by any materials (i.e., coming from the toilet or passing through hazardous materials)
  • The types of building materials involved in the water damage or flood

Need water damage repairs at your home or business? Contact our team today for fast and reliable water damage restoration in Sun Valley or surrounding areas!

24/7 Fire & Water Damage Clean Up

When you think of home upkeep, you likely never anticipated having to deal with the aftermath of a fire or flood. We agree that no one should have to check this off as a life milestone, and yet, disaster can strike anyone at any time and cause incredible frustration and heartache as you watch your home, your most prized possession, get damaged to an unforeseen extent. We are available 24/7 to respond to any disaster you face quickly and efficiently, whether you want post-flood carpet cleaning or sewage backup cleanup.

Some of the Sun Valley home restoration services we provide include:

Antimicrobial Cleaning Services in Sun Valley

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many homeowners are becoming increasingly interested in antimicrobial cleaning and sanitizing services for their indoor spaces. The team at Magic Valley Restoration & Construction understands just how important it is to keep you and your loved ones safe from biological contaminants, which is why we are proud to offer antimicrobial cleaning services in Sun Valley.

Our antimicrobial cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting commonly touched surfaces with EPA approved cleaners - tables, doorknobs, toilets, light switches, and more
  • Deep cleaning of plastic & steel surfaces
  • Thorough cleaning & disinfecting of flooring, carpets, rugs, drapes, and other porous surfaces where bacteria or allergens could thrive
  • Electronic cleaning & disinfecting
  • Thorough cleaning, sweeping & deep cleaning under furniture, along baseboards, ceilings, and window frames

Count on Magic Valley Restoration & Construction

Don’t just trust any home restoration company in Sun Valley to make your home look as good as new again. Turn to Magic Valley Restoration & Construction for trusted damage restoration services. We can eliminate the health risks associated with breathing in the airborne health hazards left behind by a fire or flood, while preventing permanent damage to your property. It’s important to get started as soon as possible, as the damage can creep up quickly and wreak havoc on your property in almost no time. Our restoration team will work around the clock to provide you with immediate solutions to protect your home, your family, and your belongings.

Do you need expert restoration services in Sun Valley? Contact us at (208) 215-7607 to request services 24/7. We have prompt response times and provide reliable services throughout Southern Idaho!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    If it is safe to do so and you know how to do it correctly, shut off the water supply to your water heater. Next, turn off the power supply to the water heater. Both of these steps can help prevent ... Read More
  • I Have Water in My Crawlspace — What Do I Do?
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  • My Washing Machine/Dishwasher Is Leaking — What Do I Do?
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  • I Had a Fire on the Stove, I Have Smoke Damage and My House Smells — What Do I Do?
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