Mold Removal in Ketchum

Successfully Resolving Numerous Mold Issues

When people think of natural disasters damaging their home, they often consider huge catastrophes like tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, and earthquakes. While it may not appear as suddenly as these disasters, mold is a sure and steady destroyer of houses and businesses alike. If you have discovered signs of mold at your residence or commercial property, reach out to Magic Valley Restoration & Construction immediately. Rapid prevention and removal are the best ways of stopping mold in its tracks before it irrevocably damages your property.

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The Dangers of Having Mold on Your Property

While being exposed to mold in tiny proportions, such as accidentally taking a bite of moldy bread, will not kill you, it is important to know how toxic larger amounts of mold can be. Black mold is especially dangerous for both humans and animals, creating major complications for our respiratory systems and soft tissue organs. Mold is also severely damaging to the interiors of buildings as well. Not only does it destroy the surfaces of your walls, ceilings, carpets, and furniture, but continual mold can even debilitate the integrity of your house’s structure over time, destroying wood and sheetrock in the process.

Trust Our Experts to Safely Remove Mold

It may be tempting to consider the possibility of getting rid of mold on your own. After all, couldn’t you just apply a bit of elbow grease to scrub it out? The problem is that even if the surface of an area looks clear of mold, merely removing the top layer does not often get the spores embedded deep within the walls, ceilings, vents, or any other location of your property. Mold grows quickly, and you will be dismayed to find that even a week or two after extensively scrubbing at a surface, the mold is back.

Because it is so challenging to completely remove mold, trust our experts to thoroughly remove it and prevent it from growing again with services such as:

  • Detailed tests and inspections identifying the type of mold and its current locations
  • Complete eradication to both surface and airborne kinds of mold
  • Drying out surfaces where water has been collecting
  • Removing sewage or waste that makes an environment where mold thrives
  • Creating proper ventilation in humid places mold tends to grow, such as bathrooms
  • Removing musty, dank smells from mold

Saving You from Extensive Costs

Finding out that there is mold inside your home, or your business is alarming news. First, you will need to make sure to get the mold out as quickly as possible to protect the health of any members of your family, or any staff, employees, or customers you may have. However, in addition to this anxiety, you may be worrying about the total cost of all this mold removal. Our technicians here at Magic Valley Restoration & Construction completely empathize with this need to keep your costs down, which is why we offer such affordable packages and rates. In addition to this, we can aid you in writing a comprehensive claim to make sure that insurance companies do not leave you high and dry.

Call us today at (208) 215-7607 or contact our office online and we can quickly set up a detailed consultation about getting effective mold removal in Ketchum.

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