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Mold spores may be tiny, but they sure cause a lot of havoc. If there are areas in your home or business which have mold, it is critical to get in touch with Magic Valley Restoration & Construction as quickly as possible. Mold spreads extremely quickly, and its damaging side effects can begin to hurt your health and well-being long before you even realize you have a mold problem on your hands.

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The Causes of Mold Growth in Your Property

Property owners usually are unaware that they have a mold problem until it suddenly becomes very obvious. Usually, these issues do not grow overnight. While sudden releases of water, such as a massive spill or flood resulting from a burst pipe can certainly cause mold to grow, less noticeable problems can also lead to mold as well. Drop after drop from a leaky fixture or roof can contribute to mold just as easily.

Some common issues which can result in mold include:

  • Not having proper indoor air ventilation, especially in humid places like the bathroom or kitchen
  • AC units or furnaces that have not been regularly maintained
  • Leaks under the tiles in bathrooms, especially around the tub and the shower
  • Dryers which do not have a vent connection
  • Old or eroded roofs that are leaking
  • Leftover water gathering from the sprinkler or garden hose
  • Gutters which have become blocked

Professional Help for Fighting the Dangers of Mold

The little bits of mold you may find on bread may be annoying, but do not cause much harm to the human body, other than smelling or tasting bad. In contrast, however, larger amounts of mold, especially toxic black mold, can be extremely dangerous. Mold can spread rapidly through all parts of your house, so just getting rid of it in one spot does not mean you are safe. Because mold affects your respiratory and circulatory systems, it also leads to other horrible side effects that could last several years, or even the rest of your life.

Trust our dedicated technicians to offer comprehensive mold services such as:

  • Testing and inspections
  • Removing mold that is airborne as well as clinging to surfaces
  • Containing parts of the property that are safe for occupants to live or work in until the restoration is finished
  • Making sure that there is no more sitting pools of water or sewage for mold to grow
  • Getting rid of any foul or musty odors left by mold

Powerful Mold Removal from Start to Finish

When you discover that you have mold in your house, it can be extremely stressful news. If your home or commercial property is damaged by black mold, you need to get rid of it right away before it begins to rapidly spread. You can trust our dedicated team to not only repair and restore any areas which have suffered mold but rely on our technicians at Magic Valley Restoration & Construction to even help you with filing your insurance claim to keep the repair costs down.

Call us today at (208) 215-7607 or contact our office online and we can quickly set up a detailed consultation about getting effective Bellevue mold removal.

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